A New Age

The Continent call it The Calamity, the Islemen call it the sky-break. The Kuralti speak of the time the 4 world horses loosed their jaws, unclamping the sky from the ground. But no matter what tongue describes it, it is a horrible event. Time slips sideways, infants grow into old men and turn to dust in seconds, and long-dead men spring from their graves healthy and full of vigor. Magic graces the world with its presence, but brings the terrible cost of violent beasts and monsters along with it.

The second age, the age of a unified continent, is destroyed by this apocalypse and the third age replaces it. A wolf’s age, were only the law of the sword is respected. Shields are riven, horses carry arms instead of hay, and the marching armies trample the cropland, leaving widows in their wake.

In the West, King Charles II feverishly prepares for war with The Middle Kingdoms. And to the North, The Isle of Bones heralds the second coming of their Messiah King, come to bring about The Time of the Sword and Axe, a time of conquering and raiding the continent. Even in the once-serene East, the corrupt Grand Princedom plots and schemes, and begins to light great stakes to burn heretics. And across the Kural River in The Great Steppes, the people warn of ill omen in the sky. The Celestial Khan and his thousand riders stream across the sky in the night, getting ever closer to the sun.

And worse still, the scribes and scholars herald of a second apocalypse, but this time, the world will be too fractured to survive it.

D and J's Rad Campaign