Imperial Law

Imperial Law

Imperial Law is the name given to the punishments given for crimes that most states on the continent follow, with the exception of The Grand Princedom which mostly gives jail time. it is considered more progressive and civilized than Islish Folklaw or Steppe Law.


If your liege decided on execution for the crime commited, there were several ways sanctioned in order to do so.

The Bear Pit
Mazzatelo (An execution exlusive to Dzuma, in which the accused’s knees are tied to the ground, and the executioner strikes him on the crown of the head with a large mallet, before slitting his throat with a knife.)
Hanging, Drawing, and Quartering
Burning at the Stake (For religious crimes, compulsory in Dzuma)
Trampling by cattle or horses

Trial by Ordeal

Ordeal of Fire: The accused runs across 20 feet of burning coals, and their feet are then bandaged. If the wounds have begun to heal within 20 days, the are innocent. If not, they are guilty.

Ordeal of Water: The accused’s hands and feet are tied and they are thrown in water. If they sink they are guilty, if they float they are innocent.

Ordeal of Combat: Both parties fight each other or chooses a champion to fight in their stead, the victor is considered int he right.

Imperial Law

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