Kural River

The Kural River

The Kural river is the Imperial name for the largest river in the known world, located to the on the far east on the continent, It separates the continent from The Great Steppe.

The once-beautiful Kural River, since the apocalypse, has become an extremely dangerous place. Not only is the river extremely fast and unstable, constantly flooding the coast and relapsing back at random, but it is also host to a great deal of monsters, due to the extreme depth of the river itself.

The people of The Great Steppe are called the Kuralti or Kurali, because they live across the river in the vast steppelands.

The river tends to stabilize in the summer months and becomes at least cross-able, as in the spring is when the tide is the most unpredictable and the fall and winter is when its monsters are the most populous.

The clans of The Great Steppe believe that thousands of years ago, the banks of the river cried out for life, and so the river molded the mud on the banks into human beings. This is why some Kuralti call themselves Khümüüsiin, “Mud Man” or “People of the Mud”.

Kural River

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